Trying to turn video games into movies and TV shows was an arena most people avoided for the longest time, and for good reason. From the Mario movie in the early '90s to the much more recent Assassin's Creed, there is a slew of examples that led people to believe turning a good game into a good show or movie is harder than it seems. While that might well be true, it appears more and more people are cracking the code.

Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog led the way on the big screen, and now a number of adaptations are in the works for the small one. The Last Of Us, Fallout, and apparently you can now add Mass Effect to that list. According to Deadline, an Amazon report touting the success of Wheel Of Time reveals the company has almost closed a deal with EA to make it happen.

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Other than the revelation that Amazon and EA are close to ironing out a deal for Mass Effect's TV rights, nothing much else was mentioned. Aside from the fact Amazon is readying for adaptations of more popular series and franchises. Work is already underway on a Fallout TV show at Amazon Studios with the creators of hit HBO show Westworld heading up the project.

Mass Effect Destroy Ending

Mass Effect had a big year in 2021 as Bioware launched its Legendary Edition. The collection is made up of the first three games, remastered and re-released to celebrate almost a decade since Mass Effect 3 first launched. The third game in the series was followed by Andromeda, a game that still has fans of Mass Effect split to this day. Bioware also continues to tease what's to come in Mass Effect 5.

Fallout and Mass Effect aren't the only games getting big money TV adaptations. Before either of those comes to Amazon Prime, we will have all seen HBO's take on The Last Of Us. Filming is ongoing as we speak, and it seems as if a new photo or short clip from the Edmonton set leaks every other day. It's an ambitious project with a reported $10 million-plus going into each of the first season's ten episodes.

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