Grand Theft Auto 3 has a feature where you can flip people off - it irks pedestrians, rials up gangs, and gets you in a lot of trouble. But it's fun. Claude is an angry little sort so it fits perfectly, but you can't give people the bird in the remaster.

On the PS3 and Xbox 360, all you have to do is tap L1 while unarmed. However, that swaps to your next weapon in the Definitive Edition. But while Claude can't go around with his new, high fidelity fingers, telling people to do one, Tommy reportedly can. Strangely enough, some say it works in Vice City.

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It could be a blunder - a technical oversight - that wasn't caught before launch. In that case, we could see Claude's mean streak patched back in, but it's unlikely to be high on the list when there are plenty of other issues being reported. For now, you can always flip off your screen, but that's hardly the same - Claude's deadpan expression and soulless eyes are what make it work.

The video embedded above comes from ENXGMA who points out a few differences between the games, highlighting some issues and omissions.


There's a section called 'Iconic Flip-Off' where they run down the road, giving the middle finger to drivers. They don't care much, certainly not enough to run you over or honk. But then it cuts to the remaster and Claude just stands there... awkwardly. He's incapable of giving them the bird, so both the drivers and Claude lock eyes and go into a weird limbo, waiting for the other to break first.

There's a lot being uncovered in the Definitive Edition. There's a cut VR mode and even invisible bridges, but the main issues are bugs, spelling errors, and graphical mistakes. Nonetheless, Grove Street Games is aware and promises that patches and updates are incoming, set to fix the slew of issues players are having.

Until then, modders are busy at work - they've already made the rain more tolerable while updating water effects. Or, if you're not fussed about modding and want to wait for something more official, you could join all of the players returning to GTA 4 - you have a lot of options, just not the middle finger.

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