In Jurassic World Evolution 2 one of the biggest changes is the addition of the patrol system. This new feature enables you to better keep an eye on the well-being of your dinosaurs and spot any issues swiftly. It also helps you keep them fed without having to constantly check and manually restock any feeders.

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Setting up and managing patrols and Rangers well is key to running a successful park, so make sure to follow these simple steps to help get your patrols up and running.

How And Where To Build A Response Facility

Jurassic World response facility

The first thing you'll need is a Response Facility. In most game modes this is one of the earliest buildings you'll be asked to construct. Usually, it's unlocked but on odd occasions, you'll need to research it. This is your hub for dinosaur care, along with a Palaeo-Medical Facility, so make sure you place it well. Here are a couple of quick tips for optimal placement of your Response Facility

  • Place the Response Facility close to your enclosures, as Rangers will need access across the land.
  • Setting it a little behind or to one side of the main path with decorations or facilities in front of it can help increase surrounding appeal.
  • You will need more than one as soon as you have more than a handful of enclosures so don't try and keep everything in range.

Once the facility is built you can click on it to see your teams. As a default, you'll have two jeep-based Ranger Teams who will undertake up to five tasks that are either scheduled or manually assigned. The Response Facility also contains a helicopter-based Capture Team - previously known as the ACU - that again has a five-task capability. Both teams can be assigned to patrols.


More Ranger Teams per facility, larger task lists, and other enhancements can be researched. However, these are only really essential if you have a very large park.

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The Role Of Rangers And Capture Teams


Jeep-based Rangers and helicopter-based Capture Teams now work from the same building. Both can be assigned to Ranger Posts but they each have different roles. Here's what they do:

Ranger Team Jobs

  • Checks dinosaurs' comfort and health.
  • Refills food dispensers.
  • Repairs buildings.

Capture Team Jobs

  • Tranquilizes dinosaurs.

Both are useful in different ways and they are designed to support each other. You'll need to utilize them both when setting up efficient patrols.

How And Where To Build A Ranger Post

JWE2 ranger post in menu

Once you have a Response Facility the next step is to build a Ranger Post in your enclosure. The Ranger Post unlocks when the Response Facility is built and appears in the Enclosures Tab.

You'll want to place the Ranger Post in the center of your enclosure. This is because any Ranger Team assigned to patrol will check on any dinosaurs within a circular radius of the post.

When you place the Ranger Post you will see the range highlighted with a faded blue circle as pictured below.

highlighted patrol range in an enclosure

The vast majority of enclosures will only require one Ranger Post. However, you can place as many as you like within the same enclosure.

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Assigning A Jeep Patrol To A Ranger Post


When a Ranger Post has been built you'll need to go back to your Response Facility to set up the patrol. Simply select a Jeep-based Ranger team and you should see any unassigned Ranger Posts highlighted with a red icon as shown below.

JWE2 Patrol not selected in enclosure

If you want to assign a Ranger Team to the post simply click the Ranger Post while the vehicle is selected and the patrol task will be added permanently to that team's roster.

You can add other tasks for the Ranger Team, up to a maximum of five. Any temporary tasks will take precedence but the Rangers will return to their patrols once these are completed.

Rangers will scan dinosaurs and flag up any issues with their comfort or health. They will also replenish any carnivore or piscivore feeders in the enclosure. Herbivores now gain food from the environment, as long as they have access to the correct foliage. All dinosaurs will require water to drink so enclosures should always contain a source of water.

Assigning A Capture Team To A Ranger Post

JW capture team chopper

You can also assign a Capture Team to the Ranger Post. Once again a red marker will appear if the post is unassigned and you simply need to click it with the Capture Team selected

The Capture Team is there as support for both Medical and Ranger Teams on the ground. For any enclosure they are assigned to they will briefly tranquilize any aggravated dinosaurs so the Rangers or Medics can work safely. They can also help with keeping dinosaurs contained if a fence is broken.

You'll have fewer Capture Teams but they aren't required for all enclosures. Just assign them to Carnivores and any other dinosaurs that are aggressive towards your Rangers.

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Assigning A Ranger Team To An Aviary Or Lagoon

JWE2 mosasaurus eating a shark

Lagoons and aviaries work in a slightly different way but the principle is the same. The main difference is that you don't need to place a Ranger Post. This is because the Ranger Post functionality is built into the Hatcheries.

Once you've researched and built a lagoon or aviary you'll have to place the appropriate hatchery. This will display the same icon as the regular Ranger Post.

JWE2 aviary with ranger post symbol

You can now select this icon with a Ranger Team highlighted to assign them to patrol. For aviaries, it's also advised to add a Capture Team, as they can help with any unhappy escapees.

When dealing with aquatic and flying dinosaurs make sure that you have set up the enclosures correctly. Flying dinosaurs especially will escape if they are uncomfortable.

Tips For Efficient Patrols

JWE2 JP chaos jeeps

Patrols will help keep your dinosaurs safe and happy by replenishing food and highlighting any issues. They can also help minimize the chaos if a dinosaur escapes. These tips will help you run them with maximum efficiency.

  • Never assign a Ranger Team to more than three enclosures - You'll want to keep some spaces clear for one-off tasks such as repairs. Teams with more than three enclosures will also struggle to check the dinosaurs before the status checks expire.
  • More Ranger Teams are better than more tasks - Spreading the load is key to keeping on top of dinosaur checks, especially if a lot of enclosures need aerial support.
  • Keep an eye on your Ranger Teams in bad weather - Storms can prevent the cars from functioning so sometimes it's better to stop ground tasks temporarily and use helicopters as support for emergencies.

Follow this advice and you should have a well-managed park in no time.

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